Aquarium service rates emergency aquarium service 24 hour service

Aquarium Services

Maintenance includes:

  •  20-50% water change (monthly)  
  • Glass/ acrylic cleaning
  • Water test out and parameter adjustment as needed  
  • Equipment cleaning and servicing (power heads, protein skimmer, pumps, ect.)  
  • Tank inhabitant health inspection / medication treatment (medication cost not included)
  • Free delivery on livestock (fish, coral, live rock, ect.)  
  • Free equipment delivery (pumps, lighting, ect.)  
  • 24 hour emergency service  
  • 14 day free replacement guarantee on all livestock for maintenance customers*

Emergency Services

 Here at L.E. Corals we understand you have a large investment in your  aquarium.  If  an emergency happens know that we are available 24/7 to  respond. We stock a wide variety of spare parts to fix most problems and  also offer holding/ fish sitting services if your animals need to be  held off site until the problem is resolved. 

Service and Labor Rates

$85 minimum service call  

  • $75per hour standard installation   
  • $100 per hour for:  

    -Extreme custom installation.
    -In wall, poorly ventilated,
    non-climate controlled, or potentially hazardous installation areas.
  • We evaluate routine maintenance fees on a case by case basis. Please call for a FREE quote.

Emergency Rates

 Service Customers:  

  • $100 minimum (covers first hour of labor)  
  • $85 Per hour   

Non Service Customers:  

  • $150 minimum (covers first hour of labor)  
  • $125 per hour